Remotes, Mounts & Cables

TV Remote


All great installations have one thing in common: they’re easy to use!

Replacing all those remotes with one is now more cost-effective than ever. The remote is the device that you will have the most contact with.  We have a large selection of remotes in stock.  Here are links to some of the brands we carry.

TV Mount


These are essential pieces of hardware that are often hidden from view. They include articulating (fully adjustable) mounts that allow for a 180 degree range of motion to allow for easy viewing from anywhere within the room.

We carry many different options from a variety of manufacturers that can complement any possible décor.

  • Low profile mounts can offer a stationary position to streamline a look with virtually no visibility.
  • Tilting mounts allow the TV to be viewed from an elevated position.
  • Articulating mounts allow the TV to be rotated away from the wall and face a different direction.



Wire Cabling

These are often overlooked materials, yet cables are the glue that binds the system together. We use reliable manufactures that supply virtually all price and performance levels.  We have a large selection in stock


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