Surround Sound / Audio

Bring the excitement of the big screen theater into your own home with your very own personally tailored home theater.  Surround sound allows the listener to hear in a theater like atmosphere, with sound coming from all directions.

In the picture to the right, three speakers can be seen near the screen, there are two others within the front side walls, while other speakers are located near the back of the room. (For more pictures, please see our portfolio.) A system will usually include 5 speakers and a subwoofer.  From basic to current state of the art 9.2 Surround Sound, let us open the door to the possibilities.  We can create your own home theater room, or we can turn your master bedroom into a cozy theater get-away.

Here are links to some of the speakers we carry.

Whole House Audio Systems

One of our most often requested services, these make staying home a most enjoyable even luxurious experience. From simple volume control in specific rooms throughout the house, to instant access to your favorite music; we can install the level of control that you want. To find more information, please see home automation.

Stereo Sound

Most music listening is still done in Stereo.  Our passion is bringing you great sound through whichever format you choose; from an iPod on an office desktop system to vinyl in a dedicated listening room, we have all the options.

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