Theater Seats / Furniture

We carry many different types of furniture to compliment an audio-visual installation.

With the ease of pushing a button, the Lovan Television Lift Cabinet raises your television from within the cabinet. When the television is not in use, you are able to discreetly lower it back into the cabinet. The cabinet comes fully assembled and is ready to “plug and play”!

See our short video to see how this works. We also have three showrooms at our office location that allow you to experience some of the available technology.

The short video also shows a projector screen. This type of installation is becoming more popular.

We can also design and install an incredible, customized home theater system that includes the screen, surround sound audio system and luxurious leather theater seating!

A theatrical experience can be enjoyed in your home. We will even assist you with your own custom design. We have installed many home theaters with a variety of different configurations.

Give us a call to talk about your choices.

custom home theater installation with surround sound