TV / LCD Screens

widescreen tv and entertainment systemWhether it’s for a home or business setting, we have a large variety of many different types of screens in stock and can show you televisions that range from 36″ to 96″.

If you need help understanding the different types of viewing options that will be best for your situation we are happy to explain the different types of video displays, including all types of projectors (LCD and DLP) and televisions (LCD, Plasma, LED, DLP and Laser View) and can suggest the best technology for your lifestyle.

We have designed many systems for places of worship, schools and offices. Please see our portfolio to view installed systems in restaurants and other commercial applications.

We can also design and install an incredible, customized home theater system that includes the screen, surround sound audio system and luxurious leather theater seating! Our three showrooms at our office location offer different choices that cater to different budget ranges and allow you to enjoy a theatrical experience in your home. You’re welcome to stop by or give us a call (970) 249-4537 if you have any questions.

Links to some of the brands that we carry.