Video Surveillance

Professional Installed Security Camera Systems

Video Surveillance / CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Superior Alarm & Fire Protection can install a video surveillance system that can provide you a view of occurrences on your property.

Contact us for numerous solutions that can range from something simple to something as advanced as allowing you to use IP over the internet.  This can allow you to view your camera system inside your business from the convenience of your personal computer. (You could be on vacation in Maui and view your business operations from your laptop!)

Benefits of a video surveillance system:

  • Allows visual supervision of 
    your buildings activities
  • Provides increased employee monitoring
  • Increases workplace safety for 
  • customers and employees
  • Visual verification for access control activities
  • Verify employee transactions
  • Add a digital video recorder (DVR) to provide archived data

Protecting your customers, employees and property has always been a concern, yet has never been more convenient.

Superior Alarm Customer Tip

Get up to a 20% discount on your property’s insurance policy with a monitored security or fire alarm system from Superior Alarm and Fire Protection. Contact your insurance agent for details.